Monday 19 June 2017


I never thought that a person could be this SELFISH.

Fuck you and your FAIRNESS.

Tuesday 19 July 2016



It's been a while. I know. Lazy ass. Berapa tahun tak update. 

Was thinking to get a new blog. But........ I'm to lazy to set up a new one either. Hahahaha Ada ubat hilangkan sakit malas tak? Nope? Really? Nope? Ok. So, next post I'll post next year or the year after lah then. 

Anyway, I've been dying to update about what I've gone through for the past err...3 years? So, here goes.

Numero uno: 
I'm a Mom to a 2 1/2 years old toddler. An active one in fact. A VERRYY ACTIVE one called Muhammad Mikail Zidane Bin Mohd Hanafi. So, basically I'm tired 24/7. And yes, that's a long name. He's gonna suffer writing his own names during the exams. Blame your dad Kiddo. 

Numero deux: 
I'm not planning to have anymore kids.....YET! So, please save your time & energy from asking me "Bila nak tambah lagi sorang?". Non of your damn business anyway. 

No. 3 (enough with the foreign language): 
I workout now. As in at a gym. And with a PT. And I run. (oh please don't faint reading that. It's for real.) I've always love sports and such since school days. It's just when you get older, the circle of people you are with are not that keen to workout with you anymore. I'll share with you in the next post how I do my workout. Not all. But I'm loving it. 

No. 4
I still work with UMWT. But I hate my daily job. So, yeah. I hate my job. Anyone wanna hire me as a tealady with RM4K salary? Anyone? Right. 

No. 5
My best bitch is back from London. Well, not for good. But still, 2 months is enough to have some "bromance" moment with her. Go visit her blog here "Summer and Jones"
Entah berapa banyak blog she has anyway. She's still single by the way. (promote kejap)

Ok. And that is Nadia's 101 for today. Sekian. 

On to the next post. Healthy me lifestyle.

Annoying claustrophobic woman

Tuesday 26 November 2013


It's the second trimester! Yay! I feel much better now.

I guess I should write more in English as my English is going down the drain. Or read more I guess.

I want to share what are the changes that I am going through as of now. Raging pregnancy hormones are hard to handle if you don't have enough patience in you.

Yes. Super duper tired. Even if I didn't do anything. Even if the only thing that I did was sidai baju, which is like beberapa helai je. And I straight away went in and lie all day long on the couch with the remote control in my hand. Ahhh the life. Well, that lasted for 10 minutes before Mama came along and spoiled it. Thanks alot Pajilah. -_-" Baby needs rest you know.

Morning sickness
This symptom lasted for 3-4 months. Phewww. If it lasted longer, I would have die fainted daily. Imagine that feeling you see nasi and you can't eat it. You see your favorite food and yet you can just drool. Menyeksa jiwa.

But, the 4-5 month of pregnancy, you should be fine. You will be a foodzilla or food monster. That explains the extra fast 3kg I gained in a month. Sorry doctor. Pizza is just my thang. You can't take my Pizza away. But still, I am a bit slow with nasi or roti.

Mood swings
This is actually the worst. I once cried because my mom asked me to do the laundry. Yes. The simplest thing yet, I cried. I was angry at my mom for no reason and started to throw tantrum. I told my friend and she replied, "Mie, only kids are allowed to throw tantrum. Seriously." -_-" I know. I know. I can't help it though.

I was once mad at my husband because he asked me to pray. Bad Mimie. Badddd i tell ya. But then, I appologized for being mad for no reason. I mean, it is a good thing. It is a kewajipan. Yet, I got mad at him for asking me to do it. Blame the hormones Abi. Blame the hormones. I am innocent.

Physical changes
Well, let me see. I have no blouse, pants, bras and panties to wear. That was my everyday sentence I told my husband before I went crazy and cut all my panties so I can fit in it. shopping at 9months.

I went from size M ehemehem (I am a size L. Fine I admit it) to size XXL. Don't let me start on the soring boob thingy. My two twins were suffocating in the current bra size at that moment. Thanks to that Sales Girl in La Senza who helped them and give them comfort. Ahhhhh new soft bigger bras. I love you.

My younger brothers told me one fine day, "Ayong, your butt is as big as Australia now. Or an island." Seriously, dude? You want me to try and suffocate you by sitting on your face? I can if you let me. But yet, I agree with them. It's getting harder for me to even get up from a chair. -_-"

But you see, I am not complaining like some mom-to-be yang poyo penuh kesabaran konon kata suruh aku jangan complain bagai la katanye but by the end of the day kau yang paling banyak complain dengan laki sendiri kan. I am writing all these because I find it exciting.

There are still alot to experience. New, fun and exciting experience.

For example:
  1. How you feel something is moving inside your womb.
  2. The little kicks that make you go "Woahhhh!!! What was that?"
  3. The cramps (I admit, I skipped the calcium once in a blue moon)
  4. The sudden urge to eat something. I used to say to Mr Abi, "Can you cook me pasta carbonara?" and he will always answer, "Sure. But can you let me sleep for now? Because it's 12 midnight, REMEMBER?"
See, that was exciting right? ...... Fine, just no. 1 & 2 is exciting. The rest is just annoying I guess.

I should stop writing for now. Till we meet again in the next post.


Wednesday 4 September 2013


Oh god my blog is rusty and full of spider-webs. *blows spiders webs away

Hello silent reader.

So, here I am again. This humble girl is updating her life into this rusty blog.

Did I mentioned that I am married to a wonderful husband. A chinese looking guy at least chinese looking enough in my eyes) who has a wonderful sense of humor and responsibilities named Hanafi Chee Mee. See, Chee Mee is a chinese name right?

And did I mentioned that I am 2 months pregnant? And I am in the first tri-mester where vomits and nausea are my 2 best friends. How thoughtful of my baby to give me this 2 new best friends.

Let's talk about the wedding first. It was haywire. I was the wedding planner. I arranged almost everything. From the biggest things to the littlest things of the wedding ceremony. Together with the help of my husband of course.

Let's go one by one.

Pre-wedding photoshoot is a must for me. Because.....I want to. But not with the wedding attire and all of course. We picked our own theme. A vintage old-fashioned theme with old mini cooper and stuff.

I picked SBXS Photography. You can check their Facebook page. Their work is awesome I tell ya. Refer below for my pre-wed photo that I have been staring till now.

Pic 1 : Trust me, this is just a "semak" area in UPM. See how awesome it turned out to be.

Pic 2: Thanks to Alin for waking up as early as 6 am just to lend us this cute mini cooper car. She tagged along and act as my Make-up artist tak bertauliah.


We were dead tired during our solemnization. At 2 a.m. the night before, we were still wandering around Uptown Shah Alam, searching for a cute baby pink tie for him. Yes, to that extend.

We can barely even walk. God knows how I was begging to unplugged my feet from my body. Still, we did not die. Thank god. Arrived home and slept like a pig throughout the night.

Next morning, rasa macam baru lepas mabuk-mabuk satu malam clubbing. Muka sembab gila. But I don't freaking cared. I just want to get married.

My Mak Andam is sooooo cool. She even has a cool pixie haircut. And no, it is a SHE. I don't employ SHEMALE. Yes, discrimation & judgmental just because I know how they work, how their mouths are, and attitudes act like.

Plus, Mak Andam perempuan boleh tunjuk rambut. Bukan aurat.

Ok less talk mimie. Refer to my solemnization photo below. (This is one long post)

Pic 3: My mehndi was done by Punitha from Nexhs. I took the gold facial promo. They gave alot of free services. Like my husband's mehndi as well.

 Pic 4 : I can't stop laughing looking at this picture. I guess the Tok Kadi was suprised sampai rasa nak ketuk budak ni.

Pic 5: Ok. This is fake. Hahaha Orang tengah baca al-fatihah lagi aku dah angkat tangan. Tak apa. Berkat.

Pic 6 : My family. This is the first decent picture of our family during the wedding. Abah was trying his best to suck his tummy in.

Pic 7 : My mother in-laws. Yes. 2 of them. Kau hado?!

Pic 8 : Cute cupcakes sponsored by my beloved cousin, Azrina Minhat. Together with the printing, toppers etc.

All these pictures are unedited. The real pictures aren't ready yet.

Oh before I forgot. I had a fight with the "so-called" manager of Crystal Crown, Klang. His service sucks. Unprofessional. I do recommend you guys holding your wedding there, but if you have better options, avoid that place.

Right, enough babbling. Here are some details for my Solemnization:

Date : 21 June 2013
(Some friends asked me if there is something special with the date. I replied, "No. I would have made it earlier if I could as long as I am married.)

Venue : My parents house.
Time   : After Asar. (But he arrived pretty much 5.30 pm. The Tok Kadi was waiting for him)
Theme : Baby blue + baby pink

End of part 1 of my wedding. We will continue for part 2 later when I have the time.


Monday 6 May 2013


Is it normal if my heart beats faster everytime the fact that I am getting married terlintas dalam kepala otak aku?

Is it normal to start imagining how my life would be when I am married.

Oh God, ape ke binatang kah ini?

Or just plain gatal?

I am going to be a wife in less than three months. *fyi, I am gasping for air right now without entering a marathon.

So, what is it then? In my opinion, it's a mixture of all the above-mentioned feelings. (except for gatal. denial mode on) t(-_-t)

Duhhh!!! Do I have to explain why I am excited? i don't even know where to start. The fact that I will be somebody's wife, the fact that I will share the same bed with him, the fact that I will wake up in the morning seeing his face instead of my cat Oyen, or the fact that I will be a future Mom, Insyallah.

Trust me, i don't know where to start. But obviously, I am looking forward to hold the title Mrs. Hanafi Chee Mee.

Happy lah mangkok. Kejadahnya tak happy nak kahwin?
Dapat pakai baju lawa (dafuq?!!! Baju pinjam la oi!)
Dapat amek gambar like millions of photos (Tak ada jerawat pula tu. Kalah muka Kak Ton yang tulang pipi tinggi sampai kena eyebag)
Dapat buat apa aku suka masa reception. (Seriously, I won't be the lovey dovey sopan kind of bride. Trust me)

As hell. (two word that describe it all)

Me? Gatal? Nahhhhh. Me? Naahhhh (Selak kain belah tinggi paha besar batang balak)

Kalau Allah dah tetapkan aku kahwin sekian sekian hari, aku cuma mohon semuanya berjalan lancar dan dipermudahkan.

bride to be

Wednesday 13 February 2013


The one most important person on my BIG day can't attend my BIG day.

I am so going to SANTAU your boss Shareena Rahman. He/She is sooooo DEAD I tell ya.

Did he knew that I woke up at 3 a.m and cried because you won't be there?
Did he knew that I ask around if there are some cheap tickets for you?
Did he knew how much troubles he got me into?

If he's doing this because you are getting a promotion, he will be forgiven.

Because the only thing I want to see is my best friend to be happy.

By the way, I am proud to read this (refer to Picture below) on the net Na. I love you.
You are the one woman (besides my Mom) that make me cry in the middle of the night because I miss you.
I hate you for doing that. Hahahahaha